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Beginning with Photo Oxidation Technology developed by NASA research,
an advanced Technology “
Radiant Catalytic Ionization” has been developed.
takes disease inactivation to a new level.
NOW Air Purification &
surface decontamination are achieved through a
     Purifying Plasma

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100% Inactivation (kill) of H5N8 Avian Influenza in 10 hours, 58% in 1 minute! ON SURFACES via the AIR!
RCI is recognized by NASA and the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology

Purifying Air:    (definition)  The action and activity of “air” when it is energized with natural elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen through Ultraviolet processes, creating High order friendly oxidizers which inactivate Viral and Bacterial disease on surfaces. RCITM technology duplicates indoors, the natural oxidizing functions of Sunlight's interaction with the atmosphere to maintain the Earths Environment.*

Keith Flint, Certified Advanced Oxidation Specialist, ASHRAE #8089278

* Through the interaction of Sunlight (UV) with the clouds (Humidity), Hydrogen and
Oxygen (friendly oxidizers) are generated for the purpose of Natural purification and
restoration of our environment. These processes are largely absent from modern day
structures and facilities, causing a rise in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues and difficulty in
controlling workplace sickness and Nosocomial Diseases in Hospitals. The research 
found in the library is that of Universities, Sandia Labs, Hospitals and others.  Discretion
is appreciated in using this information.
Thank You

View research by Dr James Marsden, University of Kansas, showing comparison of
RCI™Technology vs Ozone" (Visit The Library)  average 24 hr kill of 98+%

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Radiant Catalytic Ionization

RCI Testing Results
Showing “The Effects of RCI
Technology” on
reducing common bacteria and fungi on
in 24-hour testing.

Advantages of

 RCI: Germicidal UV for microbe inactivation

 Germicidal UV for Catalytic Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) reactions

 Combination of UVX wavelengths to produce AOP reactions in the air.

 AOP reactions inactivate microbes as well as destroy odors.

 AOP reactants remain effective after leaving the RCI™ unit as a “purifying plasma”.



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